Soft and sensual, Laila is an exotic mix of beauty and femininity… you’ll be back time and time again…..
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Sri Lanken
Size: 8
Height: 5’8
Bust: 32D
Hair: Long
a few small ones
When I opened the door to Laila I was struck by her beauty and gracefulness. She floated through the door with a confident and elegant manner and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her delicate features. Laila tells me she is a people person and I couldn’t agree more. She instantly makes you feel at ease and has a soft kindness that comes so naturally to her you’ll instantly find yourself opening up in her presence. A true humanitarian, she has travelled to exotic places helping others with her open mind and nonjudgmental nature, she truly is a compassionate and caring woman. Laila is for men who enjoy a more in-depth and intimate encounter. Although she is very feminine and flirtatious, she loves to delve deeper, getting to know you and providing a more meaningful experience. Her background and academic abilities mean you’ll also have plenty to talk about and she is the type of woman who can fit into any social situation. Laila enjoys the companionship of men but is just as comfortable playing with women in the bedroom. A great addition for that next bi-double or couples treat. She is sexually confident and loves new experiences – Laila is a favourite here at The Bedroom!