Our Story

Established in 2012, I set out to create an environment not only for men to enjoy but also for women to get the most enjoyment out of the industry.  We have exceeded expectations and have become one of the most trusted agencies in New Zealand.  Our aim is to match you with the right lady – this is our goal.  Often men seeking an escort don’t know where to begin. They are tired of dating sites, scam artists and false escort profiles that leave men embarrassed.  Here, at The Bedroom, I take the time to ask you a few questions and get to know you. I don’t just make an appointment with any one of our ladies, she is chosen based on your specific needs.  While most agencies try to get as many bookings as they can, our agency is more about the quality of an appointment rather than the numbers. For this reason, we find most of our clientele prefer longer dates, usually for two or three hours. I believe that says something about the level of connection our clients have with their companions. If they just wanted a body for an hour, they could go somewhere much cheaper.  While other agencies have increased their pricing, a large majority have not raised their standards or service.  We maintain to strive for the best in the industry and our prices reflect our service while ensuring our women are well compensated for their time with a bigger percentage than most other agencies. 


Choosing a Lady

All our women at The Bedroom are selected because they are well mannered, elegant, have a natural beauty and above all, take a professional approach to their clients and appointments. Just like you, they choose to be here. They too enjoy the escape from their tedious day jobs and commitments, excited by the prospect of meeting someone new or continuing on from your last encounter together. We are not in the business of just taking bookings, but one of matching you up with your perfect companion. The best way to choose one of our women is to look on our site here. You can go through and view each ladies’ individual profile on OUR ESCORTS page and decide which one sounds right for you. It may be based on her figure, age, personality, or maybe something as simple as hair colour. If you still can’t decide, call me and we can discuss the women in further detail. I have had over 10 years of matching up the right woman for your dates. One of the most common questions I get asked is whether our younger women are comfortable with an older man. The answer is absolutely yes! Most of our clientele are over forty and our women enjoy the wisdom, life experience and sexual confidence that you men have to offer. Please don’t be afraid to ask prior to the meeting if there is something, in particular, you would like to know or request, our women are quite open-minded, with a few who are extremely adventurous! There is no need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable; you will find me very approachable and professional.

During the Date

The lady you have chosen will greet you at our discreet front door. She will lead you away to one of our private rooms whereas we say here “What happens in the bedroom…. stays in The Bedroom”. You will be provided with refreshments, sweets, fresh flowers, clean linen and of course fantastic company. There is no ‘routine’, every man is different therefore every meeting is different. Be natural, relax and just see how things progress. Our women offer full service – this means full intercourse, French kissing, mutual oral and maybe toys or dress-ups. Some women prefer you to take the lead while others prefer to seduce you and take control.  Our women enjoy getting to know you as much as you’ll enjoy getting to know them.  They can hold a conversation well and you will feel as if you’re on a date; a date with a guaranteed outcome!  You will be expected to shower as well as follow all the legal laws of New Zealand, but other than that, enjoy your time! Afterward, your lady will walk you to the door, say your goodbyes and look forward to your next visit.

Inside our Wellington Brothel

How to Make an Appointment

We have a very easy process for booking a lady. Visit OUR ESCORTS page to help you make a selection. Call Sarah to discuss any extra requirements you may have and to check the availability of the lady you have chosen. Set up a day and time (most ladies need an hour’s notice), come in and enjoy your date. Our women don’t sit around on shifts on our premises. They come in from their other commitments to see you and then afterwards, they go back to their everyday life. The women prepare for their dates with you in mind – deciding on her lingerie, dressing in your preferred style of clothing and setting the room with your choice of refreshments and requests. The excitement of meeting occurs for both parties. You can contact Sarah 021 5555 28 to make an appointment any time between 10am and 9pm Monday to Friday and 12-9pm weekends. New clients to our establishment will need to call, but once you have seen one of our ladies we are happy to receive texts, just be sure to let me know who you are when texting! You can make an appointment outside of these times by prior arrangement. Very simple!