FAQ's For Men

Our screening process for women. –   I meet every woman who ends up on our team personally for an interview.  I am not looking for the ‘perfect’ woman (if she even exists), but I’m seeing whether I find her engaging, warm, friendly, confident and has a natural charisma and beauty about her.  I’m asking her about her background, her style, her interests and her reasons for wanting to become a higher-end escort. I don’t take women who are ‘broke and need the money’. While we all need to be compensated in the workplace, this does not align with The Bedroom’s ethos. Once we have gotten to know each other, we both give it a day or two for her to absorb everything and for me to see if she would appeal to some of our clientele then we take the next step and do a photo shoot.  I carefully consider how she will fit in with the rest of our women, does she offer something unique and is she here for the right reasons.  

I ask that all first-time clients to The Bedroom need to give us a call.  This is so I know who I am talking to and can gauge exactly what kind of woman you would be interested in seeing.  I understand you may be in an office or public area where a phone call can’t be made, but we cannot take text bookings if you have never been to us before.  Our men are all kind, courteous and understand that our women are paid for their time. We don’t mind what ethnicity, age, height or size you are, just as long as you are considerate and respectful.  In order for everyone to enjoy their date, both parties must be comfortable with one another.  Texts that just say ‘hi’, “hi sexy’ or ‘are you available?” will not be answered. 

I update the ladies’ profiles as often as needed.  Sometimes I feel there is no need to update her photos as she has physically not changed in the time she has been with me. We do not feel the need to lie about a woman’s age or her physical attributes.  Women come in all ages, shapes and sizes and of course, different men have different preferences; so, you’ll find there is someone for everyone.  I try to be as accurate as possible when describing what she is like sexually, but having never slept with any of my women, I can only go on her description of herself and the feedback I have received.  If, however, you meet the lady of your choice and find she was not what you were expecting, there is no obligation to stay. 

For most men, a pretty face is important.  Unfortunately, we cannot send you a picture of her full face.  Our women have day jobs, careers, study ambitions or sometimes family members they would like to protect.  Part of our establishment is to ensure privacy not only for you but for our women as well.  The last thing you want is to take a beautiful woman out to dinner and have everyone staring at you both if she is recognised in her profession.  We also ask, please do not ask our women for photos during the appointment as this puts her in an uncomfortable position.

Our women do not sit on shift work, which means they are usually out and about living their daily lives.  While we do have a roster online, sometimes this roster can change at a whim and plans can fall through.  Depending on the distance she is from the agency, most women prefer 1-2 hours’ notice, but sometimes you can try your luck and just happen to catch her when she’s half an hour away.   

If you have a particular companion in mind, then the more notice you can give her the better.  Please note, women who have ‘pre bookings’ on their roster need to be contacted a day or two before – not on the day. 

We know unexpected work, meetings, private affairs and cancelled trips mean you may also need to cancel your booking with a particular woman.  It’s always a shame when this happens but it’s a very real part of life.  If possible, please give us at least an hour’s notice as usually, she is already getting ready for your appointment or on her way. We do not charge a cancellation fee; however, some men feel it is reasonable to pay her some compensation if she has already travelled by taxi or paid for parking when they need to cancel.  This is not something expected, but can certainly make her time feel valued.

Women who choose to work for an agency do so because they don’t want to be talking to men on the phone – that is my job.  Our women have other commitments and lead busy lives.  Their time is valuable and they prefer to reserve it for time spent together in person.   If you have a question about a woman’s services or a certain idea about an appointment, I can pass these along for you (trust me, there’s nothing I haven’t heard before) and get back to you with an answer.  Having a middle lady like myself can actually be a blessing, as there are some questions you may not want to ask an escort personally.  I can give you a more honest opinion as to whether I think you would suit each other, rather than an escort just telling you what you want to hear just to get the appointment.

We have a weird little loophole for the escort industry.  All our women are self-employed, not contractors. Therefore, they actually pay me a commission in order to make their bookings, do their photoshoots, provide premises and organise transport for outcalls, as well as a whole range of other jobs I do for them.  This means you are paying the escort directly, not the agency.   

If you prefer not to ruin the ‘illusion’, then you can pay via internet banking before the appointment, otherwise, she will organise payment via cash, credit card or Eftpos during your booking either upfront or at the end of the date. 

Charm, manners and respect.  Nothing more.  We have a full bathroom for you to freshen up and everything is provided for you. For out calls to hotels, she will bring her own supplies.

Again, we can’t stress this enough. PLEASE don’t ask for our ladies’ phone number or email.  There a several reasons for this.   

1) Her privacy.  It is uncomfortable and embarrassing for her to have to turn you down even when she enjoys your company.  

2) You have no need to call her.  She works for our agency, which means all correspondence goes THROUGH the agency. She is not an independent escort; she has chosen to work at The Bedroom. If you like more communication with an escort than what we can offer, please do not use our agency.  

3) I have a contract with the women at The Bedroom.   If I hear that a woman is giving out her number to clients, I have zero trust in said woman and I ask her to leave.  I will not put her with any of our other clientele, so there is no point her being on our team.  She is shunned by the other ladies as someone who can’t be trusted and her reputation applying at other agencies is ruined.  You are only hurting her in the long run, just so you can talk to her outside of the agency.

Our clients come from all walks of life and we have no judgment on your background, age, looks or personality.  Our ideal clientele does not push the boundaries.  They treat the women with respect, they value her time and they protect her choice for privacy.  

They do not stay in the room past their allocated time and they do not hassle our women for discounts or offer more money for unprotected sexual services.  You may think you are the only one, but trust me, her opinion of you falls rapidly when you become one of ‘those’ clients……and the woman will let her fellow workers know, so your reputation with any new woman you see has already been established.   

We are here for relaxed, fun and no strings attached meetings…let’s keep it that way.

Our women value their bodies as it is their main asset.  All our women practice safe sexual practices and will not come to work if they are feeling unwell.    

We also encourage our women to use the free sexual health clinic and usually get STI tests done every 3 months as is the recommended time frame for testing.