Our Point of Difference

The bedroom is for men who want to escape from the day-to-day grind and relax in the arms of a beautiful woman. We believe every man deserves a little bit of pampering now and again and we offer a piece of luxury giving you the highest quality and service in the industry for over seven years. For most men, it is like a rendezvous with your girlfriend, mistress or a secret fantasy. We pride ourselves on being the most approachable, non-judgmental agency and offer personalised assistance when choosing to make an appointment with us. Whether you’re a man who visits once a week or one who visits once a year, I get to know our clientele and build up an ongoing relationship ensuring that the right woman is matched to your wants and desires. We have full facilities available in order for you to freshen up during your date, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time. Our women are chosen because they each offer something individual. I get to know all our women intimately and understand each lady’s unique style, look, and talents; whether it is massage, intelligent conversation, girl-on-girl experiences, fantasy play or any of their other varied skills. I can expertly help you decide the right lady to suit you. Neither you, nor our ladies are just another number, but people with individual personalities and expectations.

Our Premises

Our discreet apartment is located in Wellington’s CBD with an off-street front door.  Our beautiful apartment offer’s two generous-sized rooms, each with their own en-suite and style. Our taste is that of romance, beauty and elegance. With fresh linen and towels, soft lighting, erotic music and sweet smells to set the mood; you would be convinced you had walked into our ladies’ own personal boudoir. We have all the amenities you will need and will go above and beyond to get those we don’t when requested.  Our address is only given out once an appointment has been made and there is no signage or reference to an agency anywhere in or near our apartment.


Our Clientele

Just as all of our women are unique, so too, are all of our gentlemen callers.  We welcome everyone regardless of ethnicity, colour, or physical attributes, as long as you are over 18.  The age-old question of what kind of man visits escorts? Well, I can tell you – there isn’t a ‘kind’.  Every situation is different and there is no judgement on our part as to why you choose to spend time with someone in a mutually beneficial relationship.  As long as you are courteous, respectful and friendly, then you will be welcome anytime.  From corporates to tradesmen; from young workers to those that have retired, we get a variety of clientele from all walks of life. Most of our men have come from recommendations from others, which is a testament to the experience our ladies offer. Most men prefer to book around 90 mins to 3 hours, so feel free to speak to me about what would suit you best if you are a little nervous meeting someone new.

Our Fees

Our fees reflect our service – it’s that simple. For full service, our starting rates are $400 for 45 minutes or $500 for one hour appointments. We do not have different rates for different women – all our women have passed a certain standard and therefore all charge the same amount. The portion our women receive is as high if not higher than private or more expensive agencies, so their quality, service and commitment are still of the highest standard. If one hour is just not enough for you, view our APPOINTMENTS page for our longer appointments including dinner dates, evening companions and overnight bookings. There is an extra $10 fee for credit cards but we don’t charge extra for outcalls to your hotel.   There are some services women may charge extra for but these can be discussed over the phone.