A unique and interesting woman, Fleur is absolutely adorable!
Age: 20
Ethnicity: NZ/American
Size: 7
Height: 5’0
Bust: 32A
Hair: Pixie blonde
Tattoos: one
A cute and bubbly young woman, Fleur is certainly a breath of fresh air here at The Bedroom! With a cute pixie hairstyle and pretty blue eyes, she has a petite body but a whole lot of personality to compensate! For men who enjoy a talkative and quirky woman, Fleur is as open-minded and interesting as you can get. She loves life, has a positive outlook on the world, and is unapologetically…well…herself! Another confessed ‘geeky girl’, she enjoys socialising and sharing life stories. Her instinct to care for and nurture others means she’s extremely affectionate and not afraid to take the lead for those who are maybe less confident. Sexually open and curious for new experiences in life, she will make a great partner in a 2 girl bi double, or maybe she’s just perfect on her own to just enjoy an afternoon escape for an hour or two!