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Hi, I’m Sarah

It can seem terrifying to make a call to The Bedroom for an escort job interview, so I take every precaution to make you feel at ease and to make the process easy. Most women feel out of their comfort zone coming in for the first time, or think they have ‘silly’ questions to ask. Just remember, all of our women have walked in your heels before choosing to become a high-end escort.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to consider when deciding to enter the escorting industry is not how much you’ll earn or what hours you’ll do, or even what the premises are like but who you choose to work with. This is crucial in keeping you safe, relaxed and able to enjoy your work.  Every woman has the ability to do well in this industry. The trick is finding the right escort agency for you.

You may have been told you wouldn’t do well at another escort agency, or perhaps have worked a short amount of time and didn’t quite feel you fitted in.  Here at The Bedroom, it’s my job to make you the best you can be and perhaps this is a better place for you to start. 

The interview process goes both ways – you are meeting me to find out if you are comfortable working with me and I am meeting you to see if you would match with our clientele. It is a relaxed conversation; getting to know each other and giving you a chance to view our premises and get a sense of our work environment.

We go through everything from how escorting works to how your first appointment will go, right through to what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Read through our questions below and don’t be afraid to ask anything that isn’t answered on here.

Pluck up the courage, pick up the phone and come and have a coffee with me. There is no pressure or harassment if you decide it’s not for you (but escorts do have better work stories….!).

Join Us Frequently Asked Questions

The question is why wouldn’t you?  The Bedroom sets the standard for the escorting industry.  Other places are now following our trends and imitating our website hoping to attract the same type of women and clients we are well known for. But as they say, imitation is the finest form of flattery! 

We are renowned for our personal service and this branches out to the women we work with.  I take great care that while working with our agency, you are well looked after in all aspects of the job.

Almost all of our women have never worked in the industry before because we are often the first choice for women wanting to be introduced into escorting in an easy, un-pressured and supportive way.

We keep a very small, elite group of women on our books, meaning that you are not just another person, but someone that I get to know well and intimately.  This means I can match you up with the right clients and put you forward for services that you are good at – be that massage, a sweet girlfriend, or the kinky vixen! You get to enjoy your work in the warmest and friendliest agency in NZ.

I understand that for most women this is a secret pleasure in your life, something that you will only share with close friends and those you trust.  I organise many get-togethers with the women as it is a place to share stories, ask or offer advice and generally be in a place where you can be yourself- without judgement.  It is not unusual to find women sitting around in our office having a drink, chatting about life and becoming great friends.

Well, you have come this far, then why not read further?

I’m Sarah, the owner, and operator of The Bedroom.

I am approachable, open-minded, and told, not what you would expect upon meeting me.  Women have said how surprised they were when I answered the door and standing there was a short, smiling blonde rather than the scary stereotypical madam.  I have a very warm and caring personality and have always stood up for the rights of women working in an industry I am very passionate about. 

I’ve been involved in the adult industry for a number of years. I have met owners and working women from all over New Zealand as well as Australia and discussed with them their working environment and experiences within the industry.  I took on board the positive feedback and changed what I could from the negative.

Before opening The Bedroom I managed another agency.  While there, this agency was voted the best in the world at that time.  However, I still felt there was room for improvement.  I disagreed with some of the ethics and practices and felt I could open a much more welcoming and supportive agency.  We have created The Bedroom; an environment that is like no other in New Zealand. I wanted to do away with the old practices and unscrupulous exploitation of women and bring escorting into the 21st century. The Bedroom has a steady clientele who enjoy our premises, women, and friendly atmosphere while still maintaining a professional and efficient service within the industry.

I have always made a point of paying the woman a bigger cut than most other agencies. The Bedroom offers the highest pay rate in Wellington and is one of the very few agencies that do not take a 50% cut of the money you make.

We offer a minimum time of 45-minute appointments in which your portion would be $230.  This is the minimum amount of money you will ever make from any appointment. The hourly rate you will be paid is $290, but we find most of our clientele prefer longer appointments, often two to three hours or more.  You are self-employed, so everything you make is given to you in cash at the end of each appointment. Any extras you offer are entirely up to you and this money is 100% yours. 

We do many package deals, so the fee varies once you go over three hours depending on what kind of appointment has been booked.

We do not give special discounts to our clientele and then take it out of your portion, nor do I arrange anything with the client without discussing it with you first.

We do not have any hidden deductions such as costs for photography, advertising, shifts, or bonds and you will find that there are certainly no such things as ‘fines’.  Any tips or gifts you receive are entirely yours.

Again, there is no simple answer for this.  Varied is the word I will use.  There are different men all wanting something different during their appointments.  This is where I get to know both you and our clients well to make sure I pair you up accurately. 

Some men are younger, most are middle-aged and some are quite a bit older.  Some come in because they want intimacy and attention – without having an affair.  Some men will spend fifty minutes talking and only ten minutes actually on the bed and others will spend ten minutes talking and fifty minutes on the bed!  Some want a fantasy they just can’t get at home, while others have lost partners or travel too much and want a bit of company.

There are many types of men and therefore many types of appointments.  If kink is your thing, then I’ll match you up with some of our more fantasy-loving clients.  If you’re a little ‘vanilla’ and prefer soft massages and cuddles, then I’ll pair you up with some of our more ‘straight’ clients.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and if you choose not to see a client for any reason, we will always back you up.

Two words – Nice Girls! You have to be a caring, compassionate and warm-hearted woman to want to enter this industry. It is an industry that, despite perceptions is not about sex, but about making people feel good. Many of our women have full corporate careers or are studying for a professional degree. They are intelligent, down-to-earth women wanting to have a bit of ‘naughty’ fun while topping up their income. They are just like you. Most stay in this industry from anywhere between three months (maybe to save for that holiday) to a few years subsidising their lifestyle (don’t we all like shoes?). Women are often genuinely surprised that not only do they find themselves enjoying the company of different men, but also find their self-esteem has boosted and they have become a much more confident and liberated woman; contrary to the public perception of those working in the industry. Our clients just want to spend quality time getting to know you; you are not just a body.

The clients value privacy and so do the women.  We have a discreet apartment that is not signposted.  When I designed the rooms, I actually designed them with women in mind – not men.  Nearly every woman who works here says we have their dream bedroom,  to the point where I’ve even been asked where I brought everything so they can buy similar furniture at home! My theory is, if you feel like you’re in a beautiful 1940’s seductive bedroom, with soft music, dim lighting, sweet smells and beautiful furniture, you’re going to feel sexy, glamorous, sensual and confident.  You’re going to enjoy working so much more as you won’t feel like you’re in a cheap motel or seedy brothel.

Take a look at our photos; our rooms are feminine, sophisticated and elegant and that is exactly how we like our ladies to be as well!

We also offer outcalls to hotels, but not to private homes.  You will be transported to and from the hotel by us but whether you choose to do outcalls is up to you.

You are always supported -100%.  I have patiently spent hours going over everything before a lady’s first appointment and will happily go through everything again and again until you feel comfortable.

We have a great relationship with the Prostitutes Collective (04 382 8791) who can also offer advice and information.

You are self-employed but have all the conveniences of working with an agency.  You have the security, the training and advice, the hassle-free booking system and the experience of others around you, while still being flexible with your hours and working conditions that self-employment provides. 

We have a peephole that you can look through when your client arrives.  If you recognise your client (this is extremely rare), I will answer the door and make up some excuse as to why you can’t see him.  You will never be left alone on the premises with a client and if you choose not to see someone for any reason, we will always back you up.

Everything is provided for you – condoms, lube, massage oil, make-up, clothing, shoes, even tea and coffee.  We have makeup artists on our books and they enjoy helping out newer women who may not have had much experience wearing makeup before.

Our women are not employed by us, nor do they work for us, but rather we work together in building up the business and long-term arrangements with our clientele.

It seems difficult to get your head around being on call but it’s quite simple.  You would text me your hours at the beginning of the week and I work around them.  It means if you need a week off for exams, travel, work, or a personal situation, you just let me know.

Let’s say for example you send a text saying:

“My hours this week are Monday 12-6, Wednesday 10am-9pm, Thurs/Fri off and all weekend on”.

You carry on your normal life and then a client calls me Wednesday morning asking to see you at 2pm.  I will confirm this with you and book that in.  You would turn up around 1.30, spend time with the client and afterward, go back to whatever it was you were doing before you arrived.

If you find an unexpected lunch comes up for Saturday, you only have to text me and let me know you’re off-call for a few hours (provided you don’t have a job booked in already).

It takes a little getting used to being on call, but it doesn’t take long for you to be glued to your phone.  If you are not feeling well or just can’t be bothered that day, just let me know your off-call – it’s as easy as that.

Most correspondence is via texting, that way I won’t be calling you at an inappropriate time to arrange bookings.  A lot of women have a separate ring tone or vibration for me, so they get a bit of forewarning to find a private place to answer texts.

We only open from 10am until 9pm, so in the evenings, if you haven’t heard from me by 9:15pm, then put your PJ’s on and jump into bed!  Chances are you won’t be hearing from me unless it’s something for the following day.


I do all of the photography myself, which means that you and I will always choose what photos are used on our site.  When you come in for the photoshoot, you can have a glass of wine, go through some lingerie that will make you look amazing and decide on what kind of ‘image’ you want to portray in your photos.  Some women like to be sexy and sultry, others like nice and sweet and sometimes women want a mix to show both sides of her personality.

There is no charge whatsoever for doing the photos and often we repeat the shoot again after you have been with us for a couple of months.  I find most women enjoy their second shoot much more as they know me better and are so much more confident with their bodies.

Your photos will only be used on our site and New Zealand Girls (if you choose).  They will never be used again once you stop escorting, unlike some other agencies which continue to use your photos even years after you’ve given up working.

This is not an easily answered question.  It depends on two factors – how much you want to do and how much you get in reality.  We have some women wanting just a couple of hours a week to others wanting many more.  Your availability, your attitude, reliability, and ability to build up regulars, all contribute to this factor.  It’s not about being the prettiest girl on the books, or the kinkiest; in fact, it’s often the “good girls” who do well in this industry.

Women who genuinely enjoy meeting others and are quite naturally flirtatious and sexual tend to get more work over those who are just here for “the money”.  Men are not silly creatures and they tend to pick up on those that are truly enjoying themselves and those who are just going through the motions.

We will never pressure you to do a minimum number of hours and what you earn will solely depend on how much effort and commitment you put in.

Your dentist, your doctor, the girl next to you at your lecture or office – we all have secrets and sometimes, this is one of them.

You can’t always pick who has worked in the industry or may still be working and it will be up to you as to who you tell. 

I can not count the number of students studying law, science, politics, or business as well as accountants, PA’s, and professionals that have made their way through university, brought a house, or paid off debt after a long holiday abroad by working as an escort.

Women are often genuinely surprised that not only do they find themselves enjoying the company of different men but also find their self-esteem has been boosted and they become much more confident and liberated women, contrary to the public perception of those working in the industry.  Our clients just want to spend quality time getting to know you; you’re not just a body.

While most women wouldn’t go around boasting about being an escort, they do find it’s nothing to be ashamed of either.  Hear what our women have to say about how they feel about escorting.  One day you may even see your own quote on here!

“I thought when I met Sarah I was going to have to get naked and be ‘tried out’ to see if I was good enough.  It was nothing like that! I was offered a glass of wine and it was the most relaxing, easy and fun interview I’ve ever had”

“I started escorting as a mature woman in my late 40’s.  It was the most interesting job I’ve ever had, full of intrigue, warmth and adventure.  Bringing happiness to people; what a brilliant job!  As a mature woman, I found I had a lot to offer in the way of life experience.  I’m so glad I took up this opportunity”.

“When I met Sarah, she was not what I imagined she would be.  I pictured a scary-looking woman who would be wearing leopard skin clothing and make me work lots.  I’ve enjoyed escorting at The Bedroom and have made some of my closest friends here who also enjoy their job.  I always joke around that if my mother met Sarah, they would get on really well and she’d probably approve of my new career!”

“A lot of the perceptions about the sex industry prior to being in the industry myself were wrong.  This image I had was built through what I had seen and heard in the media.  Mainly that working girls were all on drugs, were depressed with their lives and how their working environment was dangerous and unclean.  As to my experience so far?  It has been nothing like this.  I am happy some of my closest friends (one of whom started at the same time as I) work also.  Our boss (Sarah) is lovely and has been supportive and kind throughout, which has been one of the biggest shocks as the image many girls perceive of ‘pimps’ is often negative. I have the benefit of being able to choose when I see a client.  If I want time off this is easily arranged. My advice is if you are curious about sex work and are considering becoming an escort yourself, speak with Sarah.  I’m really enjoying my time so far in and out of The Bedroom”.

“I thought I would feel a lot of shame or embarrassment about working but I’ve found I love my job and enjoy what I do.  I don’t tell everyone but I love my little secret”.


We are professional while still being easy-going and friendly.  We operate with integrity, honesty and commitment and expect these same qualities from you.

We take women of all ages from 18.  I have worked with women well into their 50’s and they tend to do very well with us.  Most of our clientele are slightly older, so age is never an issue here at The Bedroom.

We will not take anyone who has a history of drug use – we are 100 % drug free.

We are strictly a high end agency and will not take women who have worked in brothels or done high volume escort work for any length of time. If you have worked elsewhere at a significantly cheaper rate, we will not be able to offer you work here.

Physically you must be in good shape as our men do a majority of their choosing based on our website photos and cannot meet you in person beforehand.  They tend to choose women who are less ‘curvy’ and therefore at our agency if you are a bit bigger, you get very little work.  There are other agencies where size is not an issue, so look around – there still may be a place that you will do very well in this industry.

Women with too many piercings or tattoos (a couple are fine) tend to not find work with us also, but again, look around as some men love this look and there may be a place for you at another agency where you will do well. 

You can email me at sarah@thebedroom.co.nz but be sure to include an up-to-date photo and a brief description.

Although appearances are important, they are never as important as a positive attitude and a great personality.  We have high standards of charisma, grooming, performance, and reliability.

I assure you that our selection process is relaxed and casual.  Have a cup of coffee or wine, ask questions and spend time deciding if this job is right for you.  If full service is something you are not sure about, it is still worth coming in for a chat as you may be surprised by how comfortable the job can be and may not be what you were expecting. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Call 021 5555 28 or our toll-free number 0800 5555 28.

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