Mature and down to earth, the wonderful Hazel loves to explore her sexuality in the bedroom…..
Age: 42
Ethnicity: NZ/Euro
Size: 8
Height: 5’4
Bust: 34A
Hair: Cropped Salt and Pepper
Tattoos: A couple
For those of you who have been looking for a teasing and playful woman, look no further than Hazel! With her striking features and athletic build, Hazel knows what she likes and is happy to let you know.Emotionally intelligent, you’ll find her perceptive and intuitive traits will mean she is able to understand the needs and desires you are wanting during an appointment. She loves to use her hands and is therefore naturally a very sensual and tactile person. Enjoying nothing more than to be swept off her feet in the heat of a romantic encounter, she is the perfect escape from a busy day at the office.With a down to earth personality and a coy smile, Hazel is confident in herself while still having a curious and explorative side to her. She enjoys nothing more than to be a little playful in the bedroom and I think you’ll find she has a little kinky side that will come out as time goes on…..