A stunning woman with beautiful features!
Age: 25
Ethnicity: NZ/Euro
Size: 6
Height: 5’6
Bust: 32A
Hair: Long brunette
Tattoos: a couple of tiny ones
Emma is a beautiful woman who has long chocolate dark hair, olive skin, and a beautiful face. She is someone who loves to play with her feminine side and always likes to look gorgeous and well-groomed for her appointments. Spending quite a bit of time in the gym, she keeps herself fit and toned by working out, doing yoga, and going for walks. Outgoing with a bubbly personality, Emma is a confident young woman with a positive outlook on life. She enjoys being adventurous and enjoying all that life throws at her. An old school romantic, she loves a man to indulge in her and treat her to all her desires. Not afraid to take on a more dominant side, you’ll find Emma is a playful, sexy, and alluring young woman in the bedroom who is not afraid to try new things. Team her up with another Bedroom woman, and you’ll never want to leave the premises!