A mysterious woman who has a few hidden desires, Phoenix is a bit of a dark horse…
Age: 21
Ethnicity: NZ/American
Size: 4
Height: 5’5
Bust: 30A
Hair: Long dark black
Tattoos: lots
Tattoos: lots A sexy and engaging woman, Phoenix has a dark and mysterious aura about her that captures your interest immediately. Long dark sleek hair, wide eyes, and a smile for everyone, her strong, positive personality is completely infectious, and you can’t help but be trapped within her gaze while talking with her. She has a tiny, petite frame and is extremely flexible keeping herself fit with yoga, Pilates, and water sports. A very grounded and spiritual young woman, she has the maturity of someone much older and even speaks a little French. She views the world with enthusiasm, and a creative approach and has a talented gift for design. Dive deep into conversation with her and explore her devilish naughty side. A sexually open woman, Phoenix is full of dark mystery, sexiness, and passion!