Lovely and demure, the pretty Louisa is sure to put a smile on your face. You would be hard to find someone as sweet as her.
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Australian
Size: 6
Height: 5’7
Bust: 32C
Hair: Long brunette
A pretty and sweet woman, Louisa has alluring eyes, a wide smile and the most beautiful long wavy hair cascading down her tiny frame. With legs and a flat stomach that is incredibly toned, you’ll find her slim body is perfect for men who prefer a more graceful elegance.When I met Louisa, she struck me as an incredibly well-grounded person who knows her own self. She is an intent listener with a positive and giving nature that is clearly evident while talking to her. Spending her spare time doing yoga, enjoying a good book or connecting with nature, she is a quieter and shyer woman, but has so much to offer to those who treat her well.While not completely innocent, she is definitely more for the men who want a sweet, sensual and warm girlfriend experience. Louisa prefers soft touches, light massage and lots of affectionate cuddles, so be gentle with her and you’ll have amazing, intimate time together.