With an Italian heritage, Indie has golden skin, full lips and beautiful brown eyes….
Age: 22
Ethnicity: NZ/Euro
Size: 8
Height: 5’5
Bust: 32C
Hair: Long brunette
Tattoos: none
Walking through the door, Indie had a cheeky and mischievous grin on her face and I immediately knew she was going to capture everyone’s attention… With beautiful features, full lips, and a perfectly round bottom, Indie exudes a feminine, flirtatious, and fun young woman. With an extremely kind heart and a non-judgemental attitude to life, she is very perceptive of her surroundings and opinions, preferring a much more in-depth conversation about life, music, travel, and literature. Indie, although quietly spoken, is confident in herself and can’t wait for you to discover her cheeky and dry sense of humour. Open-minded and easy-going, she is happy to take a step back and let you take the lead to explore together, but she is just as comfortable letting you know what she likes