Lean and toned, Aubrey has an hour glass-figure, soft milky skin and a graceful presence. Her pretty appearance and delicate features make this woman a natural beauty - one that you would immensely enjoy spending time with.

Softly spoken with an eloquent manner, Aubrey is a mature and educated woman.  Her love of books and intellectual conversation will give you hours of pleasurable discussions and you'll quickly find her to be an interesting witty young woman.  With a way of not taking life too seriously, Aubrey can laugh at the small things, engage with others easily and finds being affectionate comes very naturally to her. 

She is genuinely bi-sexual and therefore perfect for our female clients.  Her down to earth manner, gentleness and open mindedness will make you feel secure in the knowledge you are in safe hands, especially as she gets to know you.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself telling her all of your deepest, darkest secrets.  She is skilled in the art of rope bondage, however she reserves this only for those she gets to know more intimately. 

Aubrey is offering a new service for those who feel they may not be too confident in the bedroom. This appointment could be with or without sex. Her open manner and ability to talk about sex without judgement means she will be providing a conversation or physical exploration so you can have some new skills and ideas you can take away with you.  Please let us know if you would like to book this kind of appointment.



$350  45mins                          $450  Hour

$550  75 mins                         $650  1.5 Hours

$850  2 hours                         $1200  3 Hours




Anal play $50

Full Greek $150 (pre requested)